Updated: May 06, 2022

Data payload format for data of type SENSOR_FORMAT_LIDAR_POLAR


#include <sensor/sensor_lidar.h>
typedef struct sensor_lidar_polar_t {
    uint32_t time_offset;
    uint8_t reflectivity;
    uint8_t laserId;
    uint16_t flag;
    int16_t azimuth;
    int16_t elevation;
    uint32_t distance;
} sensor_lidar_polar_t;


uint32_t time_offset
Offset from the timestamp in sensor_buffer_t to apply for this data point.
uint8_t reflectivity
A value from 0 to 255 that specifies the reflectivity value, where a higher number means a more reflective object was encountered.
uint8_t laserId
Identifier of the laser associated with this data point.
uint16_t flag
Bitfield with values based on the sensor_lidar_flag_t enumeration.
int16_t azimuth
Azimuth angle, in hundredth of degrees with a -/+18000 range, centered on the forward axis of the sensor.

A positive angle indicates a clockwise direction.

int16_t elevation
Elevation angle, in hundredth of degrees from the sensor plane to the data point.
uint32_t distance
Distance, in millimeters (mm) to the data point.




The data payload in the sensor_buffer_t data field is an array of these structures.