Sensor streaming flags


#include <sensor/external_sensor_api.h>
typedef struct sensor_flags_t {
    bool captured;
    bool freeInputBuffer;
    bool timeReferenceChange;
    bool streamingGap;
    uint32_t numFilledBytes;
    bool slowStreaming;
    bool overlapError;
    uint32_t internal;
} sensor_flags_t;


bool captured
A value of true if a packet was captured; otherwise false for initial pipelining.
bool freeInputBuffer
A value of true if input buffer provided was not consumed by the sensor and should be freed; otherwise false.
bool timeReferenceChange
A value of true if there has been a change in the time reference and the offset should be; otherwise false.
bool streamingGap
A value of true if the buffer provided was filled with sensor readings but contains one or more discontinuities in its data.
uint32_t numFilledBytes
The number of filled bytes in the output buffer.

A value of 0 indicates that the buffer was completely filled.

bool slowStreaming
A value of true if the data is not being received fast enough from the sensor; otherwise false.
bool overlapError
A value of true if it was detected that an overlap error has occurred; otherwise false.
uint32_t internal
For internal use only; do not use.