The information structure used with QNX helpers logging functions


#include <qh/log.h>
typedef struct qh_log_info_s {
    uint32_t version;
    uint32_t line;
    const char* filename;
    bool short_filename;
    const char* function;
    uint64_t severity;
    qh_log_context_t** context;
} qh_log_info_t;


uint32_t version
The version number of this structure.

Always set this to QH_LOG_INFO_VERSION.

uint32_t line
The line on which the log message originates.
const char* filename
The filename where the log message originates.
bool short_filename
Whether filename contains the full path.
const char* function
The function where the log message originates.
uint64_t severity
The QH_LOG_SEVERITY_* identifier for this message.

Can be combined with QH_LOG_DEST_* and QH_LOG_NO_DEST_* for messages that also need to control destinations.

qh_log_context_t** context
The caller's logging context.