Object and attribute qualifiers

Updated: October 26, 2022

PPS supports qualifiers to objects and their attributes.

Object and attribute qualifiers are contained in square brackets (“[qualifier]”) and are prefixed to lines containing an object or an attribute name. The following qualifiers are supported:

Nonpersistence. If you set it on an object, the object becomes nonpersistent. If you set it on an attribute, the attribute becomes nonpersistent if the parent object is persistent; otherwise the qualifier is ignored. For more information, see Nonpersistence qualifier.”
Item. Specifies an item for a set attribute. For more information, see Item qualifier.”

If nothing precedes a qualifier, that qualifier is set. It the qualifier is preceded by a minus sign (“-”), that qualifier is cleared. If a qualifier isn't specified, that qualifier isn't changed. For example:

To: Specify:
Set the nonpersistence qualifier on an attribute [n]url::www.qnx.com
Clear the nonpersistence qualifier on an attribute [-n]url::www.qnx.com
Leave the current nonpersistence qualifier unchanged url::www.qnx.com
Add hammer to a set [i]toolbox::hammer,
Remove screwdriver from a set [-i]toolbox::screwdriver,