Updated: October 26, 2022

The following references apply to this chapter:

Header files
  • <sys/procfs.h> — contains the devctl() command constants (e.g., DCMD_PROC_GETGREG) used to fetch information.
  • <sys/states.h> — defines the states that a thread can be in (see also Thread life cycle in the System Architecture guide).
  • <sys/syspage.h> — defines the structure of the system page, which contains system-wide items of interest (e.g. the boot_time member of the qtime structure that tells you when the machine was booted).
  • <sys/debug.h> — defines the layout of the various structures in which information is returned.
See the following functions in the QNX Neutrino C Library Reference:
See pidin in the Utilities Reference.