Updated: May 06, 2022

Dr. Dobb's Journal, May 1996, “Improving USENET News Performance” describes the original design of the Virtual Filesystem for USENET News.

Header files
The following header files contain useful things for filesystem handlers:
  • <devctl.h> — contains the definition for devctl(), and also defines the component flags used to create a command.
  • <dirent.h> — contains the directory structure type used by readdir().
  • <sys/dcmd_blk.h> — contains the DCMD_FSYS_* devctl() block commands (see the Devctl and Ioctl Commands reference).
  • <sys/disk.h> — defines partition_entry_t.
  • <sys/dispatch.h>, <sys/iofunc.h> — Used by resource managers.
  • <sys/fs_stats.h> — defines the fs_stats structure returned by the FSYS block command DCMD_FSYS_STATISTICS.
  • <sys/mount.h> — defines the mount flags.
  • <tar.h> — defines the layout of the .tar header.
  • <zlib.h> — contains the definitions for the transparent compression library.
See the following functions:
  • gzclose()
  • gzopen()
  • gzread()
  • gzseek()

as well as the following in the QNX Neutrino C Library Reference:

An excellent introduction to cryptography is Applied Cryptography — Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C by Bruce Schneier (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1996, ISBN 0-471-11709-9)