Interrupt controller

Updated: April 19, 2023

The interrupt controller interface includes kernel callouts and stubs.

Note: For information about interrupt sensitivity (level- and edge-), see Hardware initialization in the Startup Programs chapter.

Kernel callouts

Mask a specific interrupt vector.
Unmask a specific interrupt vector.
Discover the configuration of a specified interrupt level.

For more details about these kernel callouts, refer to the intrinfo structure in the System Page chapter.

Your interrupt controller initialization code should set the interrupt triggering. QNX Neutrino uses only level-sensitivity for interrupts (see Hardware initialization in the Startup Programs chapter).


Two “code stubs” are provided: id and eoi. For more information about these stubs, see interrupt_id_*() and interrupt_eoi_*() in this chapter.

For more information about interrupts, see the Interrupts chapter in Getting Started with QNX Neutrino, and the Writing an Interrupt Handler chapter in the Programmer's Guide.