Updated: April 19, 2023

Stream object


#include <aoi.h>

typedef struct AOIStream AOIStream_t;


The AOIStream_t data type is private and defines a stream object, which simplifies usage of the AOStreamer interface. When you create a stream, the interface returns a pointer to an AOIStream_t object. You must pass in this pointer when closing the stream, and pass in the context data when seeking, reading, writing, or retrieving information from the stream.

The structure contains at least the following members:
const char *filespec
The name of the open file/stream.
const AOStreamer *streamer
The interface instance being used to stream the data.
const AOICtrl_t *control
A pointer to the interface control structure, if the interface is from an addon.
void *ctx
The streamer context; the data it points to are specific to the streamer.


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