mm-stream-client utility

Updated: May 06, 2022

The mm-stream-client utility lets you send commands to the mm-stream server. This provides a quick and easy way of streaming media for demonstration purposes, without writing application code.


mm-stream-client enable [url] |
                 disable [url] |
                 set_config [url] json_file |
                 get_config [url] |
                 get_status [url]


The mm-stream-client utility accepts the five commands listed above. The url setting is optional for all commands. When a URL is given, the command applies only to the instance associated with it. When it's not given, all instances are affected. The set_config command requires the json_file setting to indicate the path of the configuration file, which has the same syntax as any file specified when starting the mm-stream server. Note that set_config can't accept JSON configuration data as a text string on the command line, unlike the corresponding API function.

There is no interactive mode for this utility; requests are processed one at a time, as separate commands entered into a QNX Neutrino terminal. The utility forwards each command to the mm-stream server process and displays the results it receives from the server, which include the return code and any error messages, in the terminal.

Note: You can obtain the source code for this tool by making a request through QNX customer support.