Multimedia Streaming Server API

Updated: October 26, 2022

The Multimedia Streaming Server API allows local clients (i.e., programs running on the same node as mm-stream) to enable mm-stream instances so remote clients can receive media content, and disable them to free resources and stop streaming content when it's no longer required.

Local clients can reconfigure an instance by providing JSON data or telling mm-stream to read the configuration file. This action actually deletes the instance and recreates it based on the new configuration.

There are also functions for getting an instance's configuration or its status.

The main purpose of the API is to allow control programs to manage media sessions based on changing system requirements. For example, an infotainment system may need to share its UI when a button is pushed; when this happens, the control program enables the relevant instance. Later, the system may need to change the video dimensions, in which case it passes a new configuration to the instance to redisplay the video.