Updated: October 26, 2022

Set parameters for an output


#include <mm/renderer.h>
int mmr_output_parameters(mmr_context_t *ctxt,
                          unsigned output_id,
                          strm_dict_t *parms)


A handle to the context for which the output is being configured
An output ID

A handle to a dictionary containing the output parameters to set (must not be NULL). Any previous parameters are overridden.

The strm_dict_t object becomes API property after this call, even if it fails. You should not use or destroy the dictionary after passing it to this function.




Set parameters for an output. When this function is called, mm-renderer queries all output plugins that support the output specified by output_id. If any of them determines that a parameter in parms has an invalid value, the function call fails. Otherwise, the new settings replace the old ones. Unlike with input and track parameters, the values of output parameters won't be changed by the plugins.

Some output parameters take effect when you define the input, and any subsequent changes to them are ignored. You must therefore call this function to set these parameters before attaching the input. Other parameters can be set after attaching it.

For a list of parameters that you can set for each output type, see Parameters that affect how the output is delivered.


Zero on success, -1 on failure (use mmr_error_info())