Location of Multimedia Support Files on Target

Updated: May 06, 2022

After you add the lines given in the first chapter to your buildfile, your resulting target image should contain the right files at the right locations for running the multimedia services.

In this chapter, we list the files (and their paths) that your target must contain to enable particular multimedia use cases. We also list the system dependencies so you can learn each use case's prerequisite utilities and libraries. Then, you can check that they're present on the target by using ls or find and that they're running by using pidin.

The use cases are:

To work with Apple devices, you must purchase a software license that provides access to the Apple Device Support package, and install this package onto your development host through the QNX Software Center. You will then have all of the libraries and drivers that you must add to your buildfile to support Apple protocols on your target system and hence, allow it to talk to Apple devices to perform media operations.

The buildfile lines for adding the Apple components to the image and the list of resulting file paths on the target are given in the Working with Apple Devices document, which is installed when you install the Apple Device Support package.