Updated: May 06, 2022

Metadata describing a buffer's memory


#include <OMXAL/OpenMAXAL_QNX.h>
typedef struct XAQNXBufferInfo_ {
    iov_t load;
    off64_t offset;
} XAQNXBufferInfo;


iov_t load
The starting address and length of the buffer's memory region
off64_t offset
The offset in the memory region where the data begin




This structure specifies the memory location of a buffer's data. You may be required by your hardware platform or just prefer to use specific memory regions for storing video content.

Typically, this structure is used when you need to process Screen data. In this case, you call SetBufferInfo() in the source interface (to tell the media engine exactly which memory to use), then call GetBufferInfo() in the sink interface (to learn where the decoded video data are located).