Updated: May 06, 2022

Buffer containing media data items


#include <OMXAL/OpenMAXAL_QNX.h>
typedef struct XAQNXBuffer_ {
    void* pBufferContext;
    void* pBufferData;
    screen_buffer_t screenBuffer;
    XAuint32 dataSize;
    XAuint32 dataUsed;
    XAuint32 itemsLength;
    XAQNXBufferItem items[32];
} XAQNXBuffer;


void* pBufferContext
Pointer to the buffer context
void* pBufferData
Pointer to the memory where the data items are stored
screen_buffer_t screenBuffer
Handle to the Screen buffer (used with video)
XAuint32 dataSize
Buffer size, in bytes
XAuint32 dataUsed
Total number of bytes used for storing all items
XAuint32 itemsLength
Number of items in the buffer
XAQNXBufferItem items[32]
Array of structures storing the type, size, and possibly data for up to 32 buffer items.
The number of items actually stored depends on their data sizes.