Unit Testing

Updated: April 19, 2023

The IDE lets you use commercial test frameworks to write unit tests and then execute them by launching a project. While running a test program, you can use the Code Coverage tool to determine how much of the code is exercised (covered) by your tests.

The IDE supports these test frameworks:

This release of QNX SDP includes the GoogleTest Framework and the IDE is configured to work with it. You can therefore write test programs based on the Google framework without any extra setup. With the other two test frameworks, the IDE can parse the results of their test programs but you must unpackage and compile these frameworks on your host and manually configure the IDE to use them.

When you run a test program based on any of these frameworks, the IDE visually presents the test results. The integrated Code Coverage tool lets you measure the quality of your tests by reporting which areas of code they exercise. Thus, you can find and fix bugs in your code and limitations in your test programs in a single run-edit-compile cycle.