Running an application

Updated: April 19, 2023

From the launch bar, you can run an application based on a launch mode and a launch target.

To run an application:
  1. In the launch bar, click the button for the Launch Configuration dropdown, which is the middle dropdown.
  2. Select the entry for the project that you want to run.
    The IDE generates a default launch configuration for each project. We use this default configuration in our example, but you can create your own configurations to support different scenarios. For more information, see Managing launch configurations.
  3. Click the button for the Launch Mode dropdown, which is the leftmost dropdown.
  4. Select the launch mode based on your user goal (i.e., whether you want to run, debug, or profile the application).

    The launch mode determines the version of the application binary that gets run.

  5. Click the button for the Launch Target dropdown, which is the rightmost dropdown.
  6. Select the target on which you want to run the application.
    Note: Ensure that the connection to the launch target is active, by checking for a purple circle without a red square () next to the target name. If you see a red square, the target isn't connected and you must configure it for IP communication.
  7. Click the Run button (Icon: Run button).

The IDE first looks for an up-to-date version of the application binary. If it doesn't find one, the IDE builds the project and displays the output in the CDT Build Console pane of the Console window.

After a successful build, the IDE copies the binary to the target and starts running the binary. The program's output is sent to the Console window, in a separate pane from the build output. You should see “Hello World!!!” (or whatever text that you expect based on your code changes) in this new pane.

While the application is running, its process appears in the target machine's process list, which is seen in the Target Navigator.

You can terminate the application by pressing the Stop button (Icon: Stop button) in the launch bar.