Importing results from memory-analyzing sessions

Updated: April 19, 2023

The IDE can import session data generated by a memory-analyzing tool while an application ran. This allows you to view the results of previous analyses, including those shared by other team members or those from sessions that you ran outside of the IDE.

For some development environments, it might not be possible to start an analysis session from the IDE. For example, if the host and target machines aren't connected to the same network, or if you don't have qconn or a similar target service to forward session data to the host.

In these cases, you can run the application with an analysis tool from the command line, copy the data files generated during the session to your host, then import them into the IDE to view the application's memory usage or corruption errors and leaks. This workflow is known as a postmortem analysis.

The sections that follow explain how to import session data for each tool.