Creating a WAP

To set up your WAP, you need to start the appropriate driver for your network adapters.

Note: Not all network adapter hardware will support operating as an access point. Refer to the documentation for your specific hardware for further information.

You must first run the stack io-pkt-* process and then mount the appropriate Wi-Fi driver for the installed hardware, similar to when you're preparing to connect to a Wi-Fi network as a client.

The next step in configuring your WAP is to determine whether it will act as a gateway or a bridge to the rest of the network, as described in the next two sections. Then, if you want to use WPA, WPA2, or WPA3 for authentication and encryption (as recommended), you must update the hostapd.conf file and start the hostapd process to make your WAP available to clients, as described in the WPA access point section.