Updated: May 06, 2022

A frame descriptor for a YCbCr 4:2:2 packed frame type


#include <camera/camera_api.h>
typedef struct {
    uint32_t height;
    uint32_t width;
    uint32_t stride;
} camera_frame_ycbycr_t;


uint32_t height
The height of the image, in pixels.
uint32_t width
The width of the image, in pixels.
uint32_t stride
The number of bytes, in memory, between the first pixel of the first row and the first pixel of the second row.

Stride is often called pitch.




Use this frame descriptor when CAMERA_FRAMETYPE_YCBYCR is reported as the camera_frametype_t.

Each set of two pixel values in the YCbYCr frame makes up a macro-pixel. Each macro-pixel is made up of four components in the following byte order: a Y (luma) component, a Cb (blue-difference chroma) component, a Y (luma) component, and a Cr (red-difference chroma) component. Each macro-pixel is stored contiguously on the same line and each component consumes eight bits.