Updated: April 19, 2023

This structure is used to keep information about buffers, which will be used for preview


#include <camera/external_camera_api.h>
typedef struct {
    uint32_t num;
    off_t* physical_addrs;
    void** virtual_addrs;
    screen_buffer_t* screen_addrs;
    uint64_t* sizes;
    int* widths;
    int* heights;
} camera_buffer_list_t;


uint32_t num
The number of buffers in the list.
off_t* physical_addrs
The list of buffer physical addresses.
void** virtual_addrs
The list of buffer virtual addresses.
screen_buffer_t* screen_addrs
The list of buffer screen addresses.
uint64_t* sizes
The list of buffer sizes in bytes.
int* widths
The list of buffer widths in pixels.
int* heights
The list of buffer heights in pixels.