Information associated with a buffer from a sensor


#include <adas/adas_sensor_defs.h>

typedef struct adas_sensor_buffer_t {
    adas_sensor_buffer_type_t type;
    uint64_t timestamp;
    union {
        const sensor_buffer_t * sensor_buffer;
        struct {
            adas_pixel_buffer_handle_t cloned_handle;
            adas_pixel_buffer_handle_t original_handle;
        } pixel_buffer;
} adas_sensor_buffer_t;


adas_sensor_buffer_type_t type
The type of sensor buffer (see adas_sensor_buffer_type_t).
uint64_t timestamp
The timestamp of the creation of this sensor buffer, not of the actual data.

It is in units of milliseconds and is generated using the monotonic system clock.

A union storing one of the following fields:
const sensor_buffer_t* sensor_buffer
For a buffer of type SENSOR_BUFFER_TYPE_DATA, this is a pointer to the associated sensor_buffer_t.
struct pixel_buffer
For a buffer of type SENSOR_BUFFER_TYPE_PIXEL, this structure contains the handles to the pixel buffer. The members include:
adas_pixel_buffer_handle_t cloned_handle
A copy of the handle to the pixel buffer (see adas_pixel_buffer_handle_t).
adas_pixel_buffer_handle_t original_handle
The original handle to the pixel buffer (see adas_pixel_buffer_handle_t).