Updated: October 26, 2022

Definitions and functions for writing your own algorithms to be used with the ADAS library.

The algorithms you provide must be implemented as a library and are dynamically linked by the ADAS library. Your algorithms must process input buffers that are passed to them and generate tracking buffers that contain information that was extracted from the input buffers.
Note: The file that defines adas_ext_algorithm_defs or adas_ext_algorithm_defs_[tag] (typically a .c or .cpp file) needs to define ADAS_EXT_ALGO_API_IMPLEMENT prior to including adas_external_algo.h. Because other ADAS library header files could include adas_external_algo.h, we recommend adding the #define ADAS_EXT_ALGO_API_IMPLEMENT prior to including any other ADAS library header file. If adas_ext_algorithm_defs_[tag] is used in multiple files, define this flag in only one of them.