Use the Reference Image

Updated: October 26, 2022

You can use the reference image to understand how to build a system using the Sensor Framework for QNX SDP or to experiment with sample applications.

The reference image is configured to run with the first RDACM24 camera that's connected to the R-Car V3H. Here are the ways you can use the reference image: There may be limitations on the type of hardware you can connect to the R-Car V3H. For information about the hardware that you can connect to this board, see Supported hardware configurations in the “About the Sensor Framework chapter of this guide.

Configuration files

The following reference image configuration files let the system know what sensors and cameras are connected:

Sensor configuration files
The default file is located at /etc/system/config/cogent_surround_cameras.conf. It configures an RDACM24 camera that's connected to the system.
System Launch Configuration (SLM) file
The main SLM file is located at /etc/slm-config-all.xml. It pulls specific configuration from the /etc/slm-config-platform.xml file. There are other SLM files in the /etc directory that you can use to change the configuration easily.

For information about how to change the configuration, see Configure cameras and sensors on the reference image in this chapter.

Sample applications on the reference image

The reference image includes sample applications. The applications described in this guide are the ones that function on the reference image with predefined configurations. For more information about the applications and how to use them on this reference image, see Run sample applications in this chapter.

Understanding the reference image

The reference image is configured to be an example you can refer to when you build your image. The following is a list of things we have done to make the reference image easier to use, but you may want to change in your final image:

Filesystem is writable
The filesystem that's mounted for the reference image is initially read-only. For a production system, you usually want to boot it as read-only. To modify or create new files on the filesystem, run the following command on the target to remount the filesystem and make it writable:
mount -uw /base
When you want to use the QNX Momentics IDE to connect to your target, the qconn service must be started on the target. The IDE is a useful tool to simplify the process of uploading binaries to the target board, downloading files from your host, and modifying configuration files on the reference image. The qconn service is included with the reference image and should be run only on developer images, not production images.
To start qconn, connect to the target using ssh, then run the following command:
# qconn