Understanding Reference Images

Updated: May 06, 2022

The Sensor Framework reference images can help you quickly evaluate features or provide a starting point for developing your embedded systems and experimenting with various features.

The provided reference images contain a subset of the supported features based on the specific hardware platform (see Feature availability by hardware platform). You can download the reference image you want from the QNX Software Center.
Note: These reference images are large, so ensure you have sufficient disk space on your host system before you install an image from the QNX Software Center.

After you download the reference image, you can follow the Getting Started guide for that platform to get the image running on your target board.

Sometimes, the reference image doesn't run a feature by default. In these cases, you'll simply augment the image to run that feature. In other cases, you may need to import a library, do some additional development, and then build a new image. For information about building your own image, see the Building Embedded Systems guide.

To decide which reference image is the best to use as a starting point for your development, we recommend that you review the following sections: