Configuration parameters for globals

The following are valid parameters that can be configured under the globals section:

Parameter Description Type Possible Value(s)
blit-config The blitter used when your application explicitly calls the native blit API functions (screen_blit() and screen_fill()).

Only one blitter can be configured. The selection of valid blitters depends on your platform; there may be more blitter values available for your particular platform.

This parameter differs from the blitter specified in the usage parameter under your display section in graphics.conf. The blitter specified in the usage parameter is the blitter that Screen uses for composition.

  • sw (default)
  • pvr2d
  • bv-j5
  • gles2blt
blits-logsize The size (in bytes) of an internal working ring buffer. integer  
idle-timeout The minimum time (in seconds) between any activity before Screen will decide to generate an overdrive event. long integer  
input Human interface device (HID). This parameter can be configured with multiple values.
Note: You must ensure that you have io-hid -dusb running before starting screen if you have a USB input device such as a keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or USB joystick. You must also have all of the following libraries in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH:
  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • gamepad
  • joystick
input-logsize The size (in bytes) of an internal working ring buffer. integer  
keymap The location and name of the default keymap file. The keymap file specified is used when a new keyboard device is created. This is only applicable to HID keyboards. Although this keymap file can be specified using the Screen context property, SCREEN_PROPERTY_KEYMAP, the location of this file can only be specified using this parameter at time of configuration. This parameter is optional. If keymap is not set, then the default keymap at the default keymap file location will be used. string /shared/keymap/en_US_101
requests-logsize The size (in bytes) of an internal ring buffer. integer  
stack-size The stack size (in units of 1024 bytes) that Screen is to use for its threads. stack-size must be configured appropriately for blitters/compositors that are using Mesa (e.g, gles2blt). The default stack size of 4 * 1024 bytes is insufficient for these types of blitters/compositors. integer 2048