Relocate an executable


ldrel [options] infile outfile

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino, Linux, Windows


-a hex_align
Change segment alignments (default to original alignment).
-b hex_addr
Program base address (default to page aligned base address).
-d hex_addr
Data segment address (default to just after text segment).
-f name
Filename holding debug information (default to infile).
The specified stacksize can be lazy. The default is non-lazy.
("el") Output LOAD segments only.
-o hex_off
Assume this file will be copied to another file at this offset.
Pad segments so they don't share address file data.
Keep relocation information in target.
-S stacksize [K|M]
Note the maximum stack size in bytes, kilobytes (suffix K), or megabytes (suffix M) as a suggestion to the loader. Specifying -S 0 resets the note; the loader will use its stack size.
-s pattern=filename or -s [!]* or -s pattern[*]
Copy sections matching pattern, from the file (if given). The section must not overlay segments.
-t hex_addr
Text segment address (default to just after headers).
Be verbose.
Expand segments with zeros to make the file size equal to memory size.
Load the whole input file into memory.


The ldrel utility relocates executables.