Compress and decompress files


Compress and decompress files:

bzip2 [options] [files...]

Decompress files:

bunzip2 [options] [files...]

Decompress files to standard output:

bzcat [options] [files...]

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


-1 ... -9
Set the blocksize to 100 ... 900 KB.
-c or --stdout
Send the output to standard output.
-d or --decompress
Force decompression.
-f or --force
Force the utility to overwrite existing output files.
-h or --help
Display a help message.
-k or --keep
Keep (i.e., don't delete) input files.
-L or --license
Display the software version and license.
-q or --quiet
Suppress noncritical error messages.
-s or --small
(Small) use less memory (at most 2500 KB).
-t or --test
Test the integrity of the compressed file.
-V or --version
Display the software version and license.
-v or --verbose
Verbose output; a second v makes the utility more verbose.
-z or --compress
Force compression.
An alias for -1.
An alias for -9.


This utility compresses and decompresses files:

If no file names are given, bzip2 compresses or decompresses from standard input to standard output.