Syntax for SSI Commands

Here are some examples of SSI commands that you can use in your scripts:

<!-- #echo var="DATE_LOCAL" -->
Display the time and date.
<!-- #echo var="DATE_GMT" -->
Display the time and date using Greenwich Mean Time.
<!-- #echo var="REMOTE_ADDR" -->
Display the visitor's IP address.
<!-- #echo var="HTTP_USER_AGENT" -->
Display the visitor's browser information.
<!-- #config timefmt = "%A %B %d, %y" --> This file last modified <!-- #echo vars="LAST_MODIFIED"-->
Display the date the page was last modified.
<!-- #include virtual = "myfile.shtml" -->
Include the file myfile.shtml as inline HTML in the web page.
<!-- #exec cgi = "" -->
Execute the CGI script,, and put the output on the web page.
<!-- #config cmdecho = "on" --><!--# exec cmd = "cd /tmp; ls" -->
Display the contents of the /tmp directory on the web page.