io_unblock() [CONNECT]

int io_unblock ( resmgr_context_t *ctp,
                 io_pulse_t *msg,
                 RESMGR_HANDLE_T *handle,
                 void *reserved ) 

Classification: Connect (synthesized by kernel, synthesized by library)

Default handler: none

Helper functions: iofunc_unblock()

Client function: none—kernel action due to signal or timeout

Messages: none—synthesized by library

Data structure: (See I/O version of io_unblock(), next)

Description: This is the connect message version of the unblock outcall, synthesized by the library as a result of a kernel pulse due to the client's attempt to unblock during the connect message phase. See the I/O version of io_unblock() for more details.

Returns: The status via the helper macro _RESMGR_STATUS().

See the section in the Message Passing chapter, titled "Using the _NTO_MI_UNBLOCK_REQ" for a detailed discussion of unblocking strategies.