int io_fdinfo ( resmgr_context_t *ctp,
                io_fdinfo_t *msg,
                RESMGR_OCB_T *ocb ) 

Classification: I/O

Default handler: iofunc_fdinfo_default()

Helper functions: iofunc_fdinfo()

Client function: iofdinfo()

Messages: _IO_FDINFO

Data structure:

struct _io_fdinfo {
  uint16_t         type;
  uint16_t         combine_len;
  uint32_t         flags;
  uint32_t         path_len;
  uint32_t         reserved;

struct _io_fdinfo_reply {
  uint32_t         zero [2];
  struct _fdinfo   info;

typedef union {
  struct _io_fdinfo        i;
  struct _io_fdinfo_reply  o;
} io_fdinfo_t;

Description: This function is used to allow clients to retrieve information directly about the attributes and pathname which is associated with a file descriptor. The client-side function iofdinfo() is used. The path string implicitly follows the struct _io_fdinfo_reply data structure. Use of the default function is sufficient for discretely-manifested pathname resource managers.

Returns: The length of the path string being returned is set via the helper macro _IO_SET_FDINFO_LEN().