This book would not have been possible without the help and support I received from the following people, who contributed numerous suggestions and comments: Dave Athersych, Luc Bazinet, James Chang, Dan Dodge, Dave Donohoe, Steven Dufresne, Thomas Fletcher, David Gibbs, Marie Godfrey, Bob Hubbard, Mike Hunter, Pradeep Kathail, Steve Marsh, Danny N. Prairie, and Andrew Vernon. (Apologies in advance if I've missed anyone.)

I'd like to particularly thank Brian Stecher, who patiently reviewed at least three complete drafts of this book in detail, and Peter van der Veen, who spent many nights at my place (granted, I did bribe him with beer and pizza), giving me insight into the detailed operations of QNX Neutrino's resource managers.

Thanks to Kim Fraser for once again providing the cover artwork.

Additionally, my thanks goes out to John Ostrander for his excellent grammatical suggestions and detailed proof-reading of of the book :-)

And of course, a special thank-you goes to my editor, Chris Herborth, for finding the time to edit this book, help out with the sometimes obscure SGML/LaTeX tools, etc., all while doing dozens of other things at the same time! [I told you to remind me not to do that again! – chrish]

I'd also like to gratefully acknowledge the patience and understanding of my wife, Christine, for putting up with me while I crawled off into the basement and ignored her for hours on end!