Finally, the last section of the book contains appendixes with useful reference material, as well as some additional general topics:

This appendix provides additional information about the basics of filesystems, not only how files, directories, and symlinks are organized, but also how they map to the resource manager OCB and attributes structures. Fundamentally, all filesystems are a mapping between some physical (or abstract) hierarchical data representation onto the native resource manager structures.
The /proc Filesystem
The /proc filesystem is where QNX Neutrino stores all of the information about processes and threads — how much CPU time they've used, how much memory they have allocated, how many threads are running, what state they are in, etc. This appendix serves as a handy reference for the /proc filesystem, and shows you what information is available, where it is, and how to get it.
Sample Programs
This appendix tells you where to get an archive of the programs discussed in this book, and describes the contents and structure of the archive.
Finally, you'll find a glossary that defines the terms used in this book.