The hwinfo area contains information about the hardware platform (type of bus, devices, IRQs, etc). This is filled in by the startup library's init_hwinfo() function.

This is one of the more elaborate sections of the QNX Neutrino system page. The hwinfo section doesn't consist of a single structure or an array of the same type. Instead, it consists of a sequence of symbolically "tagged" structures that as a whole describe the hardware installed on the board. The following types and constants are all defined in the <hw/sysinfo.h> file.

Note: The hwinfo section doesn't have to describe all the hardware. For instance, the startup program doesn't have to do PCI queries to discover what's been plugged into any slots if it doesn't want to. It's up to you as the startup implementor to decide how full to make the hwinfo description. As a rule, if a component is hardwired on your board, consider putting it into hwinfo.