Including a whole whack of files

If we wanted to include a large number of files, perhaps from a preconfigured directory, we would simply specify the name of the directory instead of the individual filenames. For example, if we had a directory called /release_1.0, and we wanted all the files under that directory to be included in the image, our buildfile would have the line:


This would put all the files that reside under /release_1.0 into /proc/boot on the target. If there were subdirectories under /release_1.0, then they too would be created under /proc/boot, and all the files in those subdirectories would also be included in the target.

Again, this may or may not be what you intend. If you really want the /release_1.0 files to be placed under /, you would specify:


This tells mkifs that it should grab everything from the /release_1.0 directory and put it into a directory called /. As another example, if we wanted everything in the host's /release_1.0 directory to live under /product on the target, we would specify: