A simple desktop example

This example starts the standard console driver in edited mode (the -e option, which is the default). To set up the output device, you would include the driver in your startup script (the [+script] file). For example:

devc-con -e &
reopen /dev/con1

The following starts the 8250 serial port driver in edited mode (the -e option), with an initial baud rate of 115200 baud (the -b option):

devc-ser8250 -e -b115200 &
reopen /dev/ser1

In both cases, the reopen command causes standard input, output, and error to be redirected to the specified pathname (either /dev/con1 or /dev/ser1 in the above examples). This redirection holds until otherwise specified with another reopen command.

Note: The reopen used above is a mkifs internal command, not the shell builtin command of the same name.