Bound multiprocessing attributes

You can specify which CPU to bind processes to when launching processes from the startup script through the [CPU=] modifier.

The [CPU=] is used as any other modifier, and specifies the CPU on which to launch the following process (or, if the attribute is used alone on a line without a command, sets the default CPU for all following processes). Specify the CPU as a zero-based processor number:

[cpu=0] my_program

A value of * allows the processes to run on all processors:

[cpu=*] my_program

At boot time, if there isn't a processor with the given index, a warning message is displayed, and the command is launched without any runmask restriction.

Note: Due to a limitation in the boot image records, this syntax allows only the specification of a single CPU and not a more generic runmask. Use the on utility to spawn a process within a fully specified runmask.