What's new in QNX Neutrino 6.5.0

Voice conversion
The libasound library now supports devices that have more than two channels, and it provides a mechanism that lets you configure how the voice converter plugin replicates or reduces the voices or channels. For more information, see "Controlling voice conversion" in the Playing and Capturing Audio Data chapter.
This structure now includes a sw_mixer_subchn_name member that you can use to assign a name to the software mixer subchannel.
Get the current voice conversion structure for a channel
snd_pcm_plugin_read(), snd_pcm_plugin_write(), snd_pcm_read()
These functions indicate an error of EIO if the channel isn't in the prepared or running state.
Set the current voice conversion structure for a channel
Data structure that controls voice conversion
wave.c, waverec.c, mix_ctl.c
We've updated these examples.
Get the size of the next fragment to write
Get the maximum possible fragment size
Set the system's source mode