Log Pulse Code Modulation data


pcm_logger [options]

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


-a card_num:dev_num
The card number and the device number of the target PCM device.
-c card_num[:card_num...]
A list of cards to apply the logging operation to. The PCM logging operation applies to all PCM devices under the specified cards.
Use interactive mode: wait for a key press to disable logging.
("el") Enable (1) or disable (0) io-audio PCM logging.
Use this option with the -a option to target a playback or capture PCM device.
-v level
Set the io-audio verbosity level.
Note: The verbosity level applies globally across io-audio. If multiple instances of io-audio are running, use the -c option to target a card that's under the instance of io-audio that you want to affect.


(QNX Software Development Platform 6.6 io-audio patch [patch ID 4510] or later) The pcm_logger utility lets you dynamically enable and disable the logging of PCM data to /dev/shmem and configure io-audio's verbosity level at runtime.

When PCM logging is enabled, the captured audio will be saved in .wav files in /dev/shmem. The names of the wave files specify the card and device from which the audio was captured: