Control an AMP Functional Module

Note: This utility is shipped with Acoustic Management Platform 1.0.


afm_ctl [options]

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


-a afm
The AMP Functional Module to start or issue a command to. You can specify afm in the following ways:
  • [card_num:]dev_num — card number and device number. The default for both the card number and the device number is 0.
  • name — AFM card name (e.g., voice, icc).
Reset the audio mode.
-f filename
The full path of a wav file (selected AFMs only).
-m mode
Set the audio mode. The possible values for mode depend on the AFM.
Stop the AFM.


The afm_ctl utility controls an Acoustics Management Platform Functional Module. If you specify just the -a option, afm_ctl starts the AFM.

See the afm_ctl.c appendix for the source for this utility.