A merged formats structure


See below.


This structure defines a generic media type, which can be audio, video, or image, and includes compression information. It contains the following members:

uint32_t mtype
A flag indicating media type, which can be one of:
  • MEDIA_TYPE_IMAGE (0x00000001)
  • MEDIA_TYPE_VIDEO (0x00000002)
  • MEDIA_TYPE_AUDIO (0x00000004)
These flags can be ORed with MEDIA_TYPE_COMPRESSED (0x80000000) if the data is compressed.
uint32_t fourcc
A standard "four character code" that describes the media type. This is the standard FOURCC value used in avi and quicktime files. A number of additional values are defined:
  • RGB6 — 16 bit RGB
  • RGB5 — 15 bit RGB
  • RGB4 — 24 bit RGB
  • RGB2 — 32 bit RGB
A straight union for the above media formats. The union contains members image, audio, and video, of type ImageFormat_t, AudioFormat_t, and VideoFormat_t respectively.


QNX Neutrino