Building a multicore image

Assuming you're already familiar with building a bootable image for a single-processor system (as described in the Making an OS Image chapter in Building Embedded Systems), let's look at what you have to change in the buildfile for a multicore system.

As we mentioned earlier, basically all you need to use is the multicore kernel (procnto-smp) when building the image.

Here's an example of a buildfile:

#   A simple multicore buildfile

[virtual=x86,bios] .bootstrap = {
    PATH=/proc/boot procnto-smp
[+script] .script = {
    devc-con -e &
    reopen /dev/con1
    [+session] PATH=/proc/boot esh &
[type=link] /usr/lib/


After building the image, you proceed in the same way as you would with a single-processor system.