Installing the qconn update

After you've installed the IDE, you may need to update qconn on your target systems to take advantage of new features. The IDE will work with older versions of qconn, but not all features will be available.

Note: Only users with system administrator privileges can perform updates to qconn.
To update qconn on your host (development) system:
  1. In the IDE, select Help > QNX Software Updates > Qconn Updates…
  2. Click OK to let the IDE update qconn on your host.
Note: If you already have the latest version of qconn, or the next time you make the same menu selection as above, the IDE offers to uninstall the update.

After you update qconn on your host system, you need to update it on your target system. How you do this depends on your target system; you might have to build and transfer over a new image, or you might simply have to copy the new version to your target, as explained below.