Configuring target connections

You can view and change the settings of a target connection through the QNX Qconn Target panel.

You can access this panel through one of the following methods:

UI fields

Hostname or IP
The hostname or IP address of the target. You would change this setting only if you reconfigured the network on which the host and target reside.
The target port behind which qconn runs. By default, this is 8000.
Target Attributes
The hardware and operating system specifications of the target.
Qconn Services
The version numbers of the various services within qconn.
Disable warning indicator on target
Whether to advise the user if the qconn version on the target is out of date. The qconn service doesn't change often so you're not likely to see this warning.

There are also Restore Defaults and Apply buttons, to reset all fields to their original values and to save the current settings.