Common tab

The Common tab lets you define where the launch configuration is stored, how you access it, and what perspective you change to when you launch.

Save as
When you create a launch configuration, the IDE saves it as a .launch file. You can save this file in one of two locations:
  • Local file — The IDE stores the configuration file locally.
  • Shared file — The IDE stores the configuration file in the workspace, so it can be shared with other developers through version control. You must either name a workspace path in the text field or choose a location from the folder selector.
Display in favorites menu
Adds the configuration to the Run, Debug, or Profile menus for easy selection. For example, if you check the boxes for Debug and Profile, you'll see the launch configuration in the favorites list in each of the Debug and Profile toolbar menus.
The encoding scheme to use for console output. There are radio buttons to select either the default encoding scheme of Cp1252 or another scheme from the adjacent dropdown.
Allocate Console (necessary for input)
Check to assign a console view to receive the input.
Specify a file to save the output to. You can click the Workspace or File System buttons to manually select a workspace or filesystem directory to store the output file. The Variables button lets you select variables to include their values in the path of the output file.
Select this option to append the program output to the output file. Deselect this option to overwrite the output file each time the program launches.
Launch in background
Select this option to launch the application in the background so you can keep using the IDE while waiting for a large executable to be uploaded to the target. This option is enabled by default.