Arguments tab

This tab lets you specify the arguments your program uses and the directory where it runs.

C/C++ Program Arguments
Enter the arguments that you want to pass on the command line. For example, if you want to run the equivalent of myProgram -v -L 7, type -v -L 7 into this field. You can put these options on separate lines because the IDE automatically strings them together.

The argument ${string_prompt} instructs the IDE to prompt you for an argument for every launch so that you can specify something different each time. You can have multiple ${string_prompt} entries in the arguments list; each entry will cause a new prompt window to display in turn. You can label your prompts with ${string_prompt : some_prompt_text}, where some_prompt_text is the text you want to appear as the prompt.

Working directory on target
The option Use default working directory is enabled by default. This means the executable runs in the /tmp directory on your target. If you disable this option, you can click Browse… to specify a different directory.