Adding a use message for a QNX C/C++ project

To add a use message to your application when using a QNX C/C++ project:
  1. In the Project Explorer view, open your project's file.
    This file specifies common options used for building all active executable variants.
  2. Locate the USEFILE entry.
  3. If your use message is in app_name.use, where app_name is your executable name, add a # character at the start of the USEFILE line.

    This lets the recursive Makefile system automatically pick up your use message.

    If your message is in a file with a different name, or you want to explicitly specify the message file's name, change the USAGE line to read: USAGE=$(PROJECT_ROOT)/message.use

    Here, message.use is the file's name. This setup assumes that your message file is in the project's root directory. If the file is located in another directory, include it instead of $(PROJECT_ROOT).

  4. Build your project as usual to include the use message.