Editing using project properties

You can use the container project's properties to:

The advantage to using project properties is that the IDE shows you a tree view of your entire project.

To edit a container project:

  1. Right-click the project and select Properties.
  2. In the left pane, select Container Build Configurations.
  3. Expand the project in the tree view on the right, by clicking the arrow next to its name.
    When you've selected the container project (the root), you can click Add New to add a build configuration.

    You can expand a configuration to see the projects included in the build but you can edit only the immediate children of the root container (i.e., the build configurations themselves).

    When you've selected a configuration, you can click Remove to delete it from the container. Or, you can click Edit to open the Container Build Configuration dialog, which you used when you created the container. Here, you can make necessary changes — add, delete, reorder projects, or change which make target or variant you want to built for any given project.

    Note: While editing a configuration, you can include or exclude a project from the build just by selecting or deselecting the project. Excluding a project doesn't remove it from the container.

    When you're finished editing a configuration, click OK to return to the other dialog.

  4. Click OK to close the Properties dialog and save the changes.