The triple tap gesture data type.


typedef struct  {
    gesture_base_t base ;
    triple_tap_params_t params ;
    gesture_coords_t first_touch ;
    gesture_coords_t first_release ;
    gesture_coords_t second_touch ;
    gesture_coords_t second_release ;
    gesture_coords_t third_touch ;
    gesture_coords_t third_release ;
    triple_tap_state_e tt_state ;
    int fail_timer ;


gesture_base_t base
The gesture base data structure.
triple_tap_params_t params
The triple tap parameters.
gesture_coords_t first_touch
The coordinates of the first touch event.
gesture_coords_t first_release
The coordinates of the first release event.
gesture_coords_t second_touch
The coordinates of the second touch event.
gesture_coords_t second_release
The coordinates of the second release event.
gesture_coords_t third_touch
The coordinates of the third touch event.
gesture_coords_t third_release
The coordinates of the third release event.
triple_tap_state_e tt_state
The intermediate state of the triple tap.
int fail_timer
The ID of the timer for this gesture.




This structure carries data about the triple tap gesture.