Include the header "Dinkum/threads/xtime" so that you can perform high-resolution time operations.

namespace Dinkum {
    namespace threads {
    enum { TIME_UTC };
    class xtime;
    int xtime_get(xtime*, int);
    }  // namespace threads
} // namespace Dinkum


enum { TIME_UTC = <integer constant expression> };

The compile-time constant is a non-zero value that designates Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) as the time base for the values set by xtime_get.


typedef struct
    time_t sec; /* seconds since 1 Jan. 1970 00:00:00 */
    long nsec;  /* nanoseconds since time specified by sec */
    } xtime;

The struct xtime contains members that describe times with nanosecond resolution. The comment following each member desribes its meaning.


int xtime_get(xtime *xt, int base);

The function sets the xtime object pointed to by xt to hold the current time based on the time base base. If successful it returns the non-zero value base, which must be TIME_UTC; otherwise it returns 0. Note that although an xtime object describes times with nanosecond resolution the actual resolution in an xtime object is system dependent.

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