Update BSPs containing prebuilt kernels and other OS components

Typically, QNX BSPs don't include binaries for common OS components such as the QNX kernel (procnto-*), C library (libc.so), or any other components that are included as part of a QNX Software Development Platform. However, there have been occasions where important kernel or libc updates (or updates to other critical components) were necessary for certain BSPs to operate correctly. Rather than make a separate patch available, we have included the updated components directly in the BSP archive to ensure that the proper version is used with the BSP. While it’s unlikely that the BSP you’re updating will contain any prebuilt OS components such as these, it’s always good practice to verify and remove them if they exist. Typically, if they're included, these types of components would be located in the /prebuilt directory for the BSPs in the following location(s):

Note: Search these directories for any binaries named procnto, procnto-smp, and so on, or for libraries such as libc.so. If they’re present, delete them before building your BSP. Similarly, if you see other prebuilt components in the directory prebuilt/armle-v7, and those same components also exist in the directory /root/qnx660/target/qnx6/armle-v7/, it’s safe to assume that you want to use the ones found in qnx660, and delete the older versions from the BSP.